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Rottingdean is the only Parish Council within the Unitary Authority area of Brighton and Hove City Council. Electors within the area of Rottingdean Parish elect 9 Councillors on the same 4 year timetable as applies to the City Council with the next one due in May 2019. Only if there are more than 9 people putting their names forward is the election put to a vote. Central Government has committed itself to giving Parish, Town and District Councils more authority in the future.


None of your Parish Councillors take any salary or claim general expenses. It meets monthly in the Whiteway Centre and all residents are welcome to attend these meetings. It is a legal requirement that the agenda for these meetings is published at least 3 working days in advance and we place ours in the Parish Council notice board on the High Street side of the Reading Room. As a reminder, the dates of our Council and planning meetings are published in the Rottingdean Village News diary.

The Parish Council closely monitors all of the City's proposals that affect the Village and attempts to influence their decisions where necessary. It also initiates its own proposals for improvements to the Village environment. The Parish Council has two sub-committees, both with full delegated responsibilities. Our planning sub commitee considers every planning application that affects the village, whilst our Beacon Hill Working Group works to develop and improve our nature reserve.

First created in November 2010, this website is regularly updated and new ideas for content are often added. As well as providing public information, the Parish Council wishes to hear your feedback, ideas and comments, so please e-mail your views direct to us by filling out this form

The Rottingdean Parish Councillors currently serving are:

Bob Webzell (Chairman)
Sue John (Vice Chairman)
John Bryant

Anthony Delow
Heather Butler
Vicky Fenwick
Kieran Fitsall
Graham Sheppard

There is currently a vacancy for a 9th Councillor - please contact the Clerk by if you would like more information.

Clerk to the Councillors
NIcky Jackman

You can view further information regarding the councillors and council positions of responsibility here

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