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8 Sept 2017 Proposed development of former St Aubyns School site - Consultation has opened
Parish Councillors welcome residents at fortnightly planning consultations held in the Round room at the Whiteway Centre. The next  ones are scheduled for:
6pm on Thursday 14 September 2017
7pm on Monday 2 October 2017. The St Aubyns planning application will also be on the agenda of the RPC public meeting at 7.30pm on Monday 2 October 2017.

For information on all planning applications

The Planning Sub-Committee of Rottingdean Parish Council  (RPC) receives a duplicate copy of all planning applications made for sites in the Parish, and may make comments on behalf of the Parish.  See Monthly Planning Reports below. 

 Brighton & Hove City Council remain the 'Local Planning Authority' with reponsibility for deciding applications.

Should an application attract opposition from neighbouring dwellings, pressure can be brought to bear on the City’s planners if five or more separate letters are  sent to BHCC. This ensures that an application is decided  by elected Ward Councillors for B&H rather than a decision made by planning officers in the Planning Department. If residents comments are also copied to the Parish Council Planning Sub-Committee, through the Parish Clerk, these will be considered as part of any submission RPC may make on behalf of the Village.

For information on individual applications

To view applications made to the South Downs National Park Authority:

Parish Council Monthly Planning Reports
Planning report for Sept 2017
Planning report for August 2017
Planning report for July 2017
Planning report for June 2017
Planning report for June 2017
Planning report for May 2017
Planning report for April 2017
Planning report for March 2017
Planning report for Feb 2017
Planning report for Jan 2017

Planning report for Dec 2016
Planning report for Nov 2016
Planning report for Oct 2016
Planning report for Sept 2016
Planning report for August 2016

Other planning information - see also 'Neighbourhood Plan'

BHCC 2016 consultation City Plan Part 2
St Aubyns Planning Brief 8th January 2015

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