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The Planning Consultative Panel of Rottingdean Parish Council 

The Planning Comsultative Group of Rottingdean Parish Council (RPC) receives a copy of all planning applications made for sites in the Parish, and may make comments on behalf of the Parish. These are recorded in the minutes of the monthly Council meetings. The Panel is available at the Whiteway Centre to discuss any local planning issues or applications at the monthly Council meetings . If any resident would like to express their views, either in writing or in person, on a specific planning application then please contact the Parish Clerk. Should an application attract opposition from neighbouring dwellings, pressure can be brought to bear on the Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) planners if five or more separate letters are sent to BHCC. This ensures that an application is decided by elected Ward Councillors for B&H rather than a decision made by planning officers in the Planning Department. If residents comments are also copied to the Parish Council Planning Consultative Group, through the Parish Clerk, these will be considered as part of any submission RPC may make on behalf of the Village.

Parish Council Objection to an application for a 20 metre high telcoms tower. 



The location of the proposed 20 metre high mast is on land within the South Downs National Park – an area described as being of inspirational beauty that can lift the soul. Rottingdean Parish Council strongly believes that a mast at or near this location would have a very negative impact on sightlines from all directions. This would be at odds with the South Downs National Park Authority’s responsibility for keeping it a special place by conserving and enhancing its natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage.

The land that the proposed mast would be built on is also located within the boundaries of the Rottingdean Parish Neighbourhood Plan. The plan was recently approved after a referendum and subsequently adopted by both South Downs National Park Authority and Brighton & Hove City Council. This means that the Rottingdean Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2018-2030 has been brought into legal force and forms part of the statutory Development Plan for Brighton & Hove. Consequently, decisions in determining planning applications in Rottingdean Parish will be made in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise The planning policies within the document operate in parallel with the strategic policies in the South Downs Local Plan and the Brighton & Hove Council City Plan.

The proposed development on this site would contravene two of the plans key policies.

  • Policy S2 of the neighbourhood plan that stipulates that development proposals which would detract from the open character and appearance of the rural area will not be supported.
  • Policy GOS3 that states that proposals for new development which would cause any potential harm to the Wildlife Corridors will not be supported unless they are justified in the public interest and suitable mitigation measures are proposed. This land is a designated Wildlife Corridor within the neighbourhood plan. The corridor is recognised by The Woodland Trust and Sussex Wildlife Trust and the installation of a 7.1metre x 7.1metre concrete pad cut into the downs with a 12metre x 8metre fenced compound around it would cause serious harm to this wildlife corridor.

More generally, one of the Core Strategic Objectives of the neighbourhood plan is 'Environment & Biodiversity' The aim of the objective is "To protect and enhance spaces within the Parish, maintaining the strategic gaps which define the village and protect and enhance biodiversity.”

It is considered that the proposal to build a mast at this location, or on any other part of the South Downs National Park contained within the Parish boundary, completely ignores the principles and objectives within the neighbourhood plan and for these reasons, Rottingdean Parish Council would object to the application.

Brighton & Hove City Council remain the 'Local Planning Authority' with reponsibility for deciding applications.

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Brighton and Hove City Council - Downland Estate Plan Consultation. See the response from Rottingdean Parish Council below

Downland Estate Plan Report by Rottingdean Parish Council

City Plan Part 2 consultation  

The Parish Council discussed the consultation at the November 2020 Council meeting. After consideration of the fairly limited critrea for comments set out in the guidance, it was agreed that the Parish Council would comment on planning conditions provided in the plan on the development of the site around the A259 and B2123 junction and signal a concern that no mitigating measures were suggested to avoid further road congestion. It was agreed that the Parish Council should submit that the conditions on development around this site should inlcude a condition that no adverse impact on traffic congestion would result.   The following comment was submitted via the online portal on 27 October 2020.

SSA7:  RPC welcomes note d) in this policy but remains concerned that no mitigating measures are proposed here in relation to the inevitable impact of this major development on the A259 and B2123. We submit the following amendment to note d:

d) Sustainable transport infrastructure will be required to support proposals and to ensure that there is no adverse impact on air quality and/or congestion”

BHCC CIL charging schedule consultation
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